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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

woman standing in a field at sunset wearing a yellow sweater and giving two thumbs up

I can be kind of impulsive at times - despite the fact that I've dedicated myself to long-term journeys of self-exploration, I also really like QUICK results - don't you?

Apparently, I'm emotionally labile, according to an old therapist of mine (which I think is a polite way of saying a bit all over the place.)

But actually - I LOVE it.

I love that I can go from sobs to laughter in the same breath. I love that I can be both defeated and inspired within the same few minutes. Have you ever experienced that quick change?

I react and respond quickly to both external and internal stimuli. Lucky me!

Now did you catch that last bit? Internal stimuli? What does that mean?

That's the really juicy bit - it means that I can change what I feel, based on whatever is going on inside me. In other words, my thoughts, my energy, my mind.

And so can you!

External stimuli - what's going on in the world around us - well, you have little to no control over that.

But internal stimuli - that's your playground!

Oh the FREEDOM in learning this! It means that regardless of your circumstances, regardless of so-called 'reality', you can choose to feel good right NOW.

Maaaaan, I used to hate hearing this. I was hung up on reality in a BIG way.

But when you finally get sick of the same old complaints - then you're READY to make some changes. And the moment you're ready - WHOOF - they happen so quickly!

That's why I created my new programme for quick progress and FAST results: 123 Fast Forward.

In just 3 weeks, you could be as happy as Larry and farting rainbows (or, you know, something more dignified).

123 Fast Forward is a programme of 3 potent, highly-focused sessions of Hypnotic Healing™, to make a rapid, positive difference in your life.

SESSION 1: We talk it out - this is your license to bitch and moan and get 'REAL'.

You'll recognise your fears, resistances, and blocks. We'll demolish historical patterns, preparing the ground for your happiness and success.

SESSION 2: We'll talk about practical strategies PLUS do some powerful energy work to shift how you think, feel and behave.

You'll start to see positive changes happening - if you haven't already.

SESSION 3: You embody your new, desired reality - rehearsing your success. Re-directing your mind and energy onto your preferred path.


+ 3 x powerful 90-min sessions of Hypnotic Healing™ - mindset and energy work

+ Recordings of your sessions to listen to again and again if you want to

+ Interim support via email/Whatsapp/Telegram


  • you need ongoing support over a longer period of time (go HERE for longer-term support packages)

  • you've got a lot to deal with (it's your judgement call on how much that is)

  • you're resistant to change


  • you are ready, steady, Freddy to make some changes!

  • you want a shorter commitment

You can make quick progress with 123 Fast Forward for just £440 - saving you £10 off single sessions.

I'm pretty bloody excited about this - but I have limited availability - WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE OF ME WHEN I NEED IT?

So if this is calling to you, then I recommend you listen to that call and book in today!!

I can't wait to see what you could do in just 3 weeks!

Big love,

Sophie x

P.S. I accidentally typed that as Bi glove and now my mind is filled with the idea of bisexual accessories. Oh, what it is to live inside this noggin.


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