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Updated: Mar 19

A worried woman, hand to her head

Are you emotionally constipated? Yup - let's get straight in there! 

Are you stuck in the mud of negative emotions? Are you emotionally blocked, or going with the flow? And how can you tell?

Energy needs to flow, and emotions are the same - they need to be felt and released, like farts. (ok, I had not intended this post to be so toilet-based).

It can be really confusing - you know you're 'supposed' to think positively, but it's hard when you're feeling bad. 

You know that your thoughts create your reality, so presumably you shouldn't be having negative thoughts or emotions - because that will create a negative reality, right? (Not right).

And in any case - who are you to be feeling bad, when technically, there's nothing wrong with you? (A normal human person.)

So what happens instead? You do whatever you can to feel better as quickly as possible.

And this sounds like a good plan - but all too often, it's a temporary fix that only leads to even more bad feelings later.

All too often it involves distracting ourselves away from them, or numbing them with food, alcohol, drugs or phone use.

If your positive thinking regime doesn't allow for the natural, healthy flow of human emotions, (which includes feeling bad sometimes) then it's just a fancy way of keeping a 'stiff upper lip'. 

Emotions need to flow - which means that they need to be felt. If we don't feel and express our yuckier emotions, then they get backed up, and the pressure builds, which leads to a poop explosion (I'm just running with this metaphor now).

But let me reassure you - feeling your negative emotions, does NOT create a negative reality - IF you allow them to flow and be released. 

The more you do this, the quicker it goes.

All emotions - both positive and negative - are simply a part of the human experience of being alive. They are necessary - useful even - for letting you know where you are on your path. 

They don't need to be denied - and they also don't need to be nurtured or obsessed over. We're not talking about lying in bed for days, wailing and feeling sorry for yourself.

If you can see them for what they are - just passing weather - then you don't need to be afraid of a little anger, or grief, or sorrow, or shame. 

You don't even need to be afraid of a little vengefulness, jealousy, bitterness or hatred. IF you allow it to pass. 

If you can detach from your emotional ups and downs, and not make them MEAN anything permanent about you, then they don't define you. You don't get stuck there. 

It's just a feeling, and it passes.

So the next question is - HOW? How do you allow emotions to flow, without getting stuck in the mud and feeling like crap all the time?

Well - you can simply sit quietly, allow the feelings to come up, keep breathing through it, cry if you need to, and allow it to pass. This can take as little as 20 minutes.

You can take yourself to the page and scribble out a few pages of rant, without judging whatever you write - and then shred it, rip it up, or burn it.

You can put on some music and allow yourself to feel the emotion in your body, and dance it out.

It really is that simple. 

But - if you're not sure where to start, or if you don't want to do it alone, then I've got you.

I've created a special healing meditation, Release Negative Emotions, to help guide you through it and gently support you while you feel.

This is a quick, peaceful and relaxing process - the exact process I take my clients through in session - so it's the closest thing to actually having a session with me.

And I promise you, it will be easy - far easier than you think. Whatever is unwanted can be released, leaving you feeling lighter, freer and deeply peaceful.

I've infused the recording with healing Reiki energy, so that you're supported on every level as you listen.

Download it instantly HERE - and let me know how you get on.

(By the way, if you're signed up to work with me in My Best Year, then you get this meditation absolutely FREE, included in your package. Just pop me an email, and I'll send it to you straight away!)

I absolutely know you can do this. You're a rock star.

Big love,

Sophie x

P.S. Dealing with negative emotions all by yourself is a tricky business. This meditation is a fabulous first step to allowing yourself to be supported. 

And - if you're ready to take the next step, then let's chat about how I can help you get past your problems. Book a free, 30-min session HERE to experience this healing work first hand.


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