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The Hare and the Moon - a calming fable for anxious children, by therapist Sophie Shaw

Loves, it has taken forever, but I'm super excited to tell you that the Special Edition of The Hare and the Moon is OUT NOW!

I've released a full-colour, expanded Special Edition - and an audiobook too!!

For those who don't already know, The Hare and the Moon is my calming, magical fable for anxious children, recommended by teachers, therapists, SENDCOs and lecturers in special education.

I am super proud of how much good it has already done.

The sweet story is about little Hare - young Hare loves running – there's nothing like it! But when he’s beaten by the slow Tortoise, he feels embarrassed and can’t stop worrying. What can he do?

He turns to Mother Hare for help and she gives him the strangest advice – she tells him to go and meet the Moon . . .

The sweet, scared Hare will teach your anxious child simple meditation techniques to help them overcome their anxiety.

The Hare and the Moon is a gentle introduction to mindfulness and meditation techniques that can help anxious children calm their nerves and manage their emotions.

What's new?

I've been hard at work painting and writing new content!

There will be lots of new beautiful, colourful illustrations, just like the one above - 20 more, in fact!

I've put lots of work into an expanded workbook in the back of the book - this is a fun, creative and gently healing section for your child.

It includes:

○ beautiful Hare colouring pages

○ gentle questions to help your anxious child creatively explore their feelings

○ easy, fun and therapeutic exercises to help them conquer their fears and find their own way to feel calm again

Find out more about the book, and read the first chapter - head HERE

I can't wait to hear what you think!

Big love,

Sophie x


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