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Woman in a wintery field, arms spread open wide. The text reads: remember to stay open

We are fast approaching the silly season - or as my mate Georgi calls it, the 'pointy end of the year'. That image really resonated with me.

Even though we know it's just a date, and that it's largely meaningless, there is still this sensation of narrowing.

Like time is running out, and resources too. Of narrowing energy, narrowing belief, narrowing motivation.

It's like life is closing down to a small junction, and there is no room - or desire - to move, make waves or take big actions - maybe until next year, when that junction might slowly start to open up again.

Does this resonate? Because I've been hearing it quite a bit lately, and I can certainly relate.

For us in the Northern Hemisphere, it's certainly the season - we're in the dark, cold, hibernating months and it feels so good to snuggle indoors in a wearable blanket and eat carbs!

Nothing wrong with that - as long as it comes from a place of self-nurturing, rather than one of giving up.

Do you know what I mean?

What I'm asking you to do is remember to stay open.

Remain open to little moments of joy in your day. Remain open to small wonders and big miracles - because you know they can happen at any time.

Remain open to meeting the right people at the right time, to happy accidents and 'coincidences', to things suddenly working out exactly the way you needed them to.

Be open to hidden blessings that are usually lurking in the toughest of times.

Be open to receiving help. Be open to having what you want.

Keep your eyes and ears open - be on the lookout for the next great thing to cross your path, 'out of nowhere'.

And most importantly, keep your heart open. Keep your hope alive.

Do this in whatever way feels the most gorgeous to you - small treats and big breaks. Little gestures of self-love - even something as simple as a hand on your heart and a few gentle, mindful, loving breaths.

Remember to let your heart stay open, even as you sit in quiet stillness, even if you're hibernating. Give love freely.

The world is still a beautiful place.

Big love,

Sophie x

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