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A woman stands before a forest, shrugging her shoulders

Answer me this - why do we want things to be different - but then resist the change we actually want? What's our problem??

We complain that things are not how we want them to be, but when an opportunity comes to change everything, we're like "Ummm, no that's great, I'm just a bit busy today, I'll get back to you, ok?"

The Universe is busy serving up everything we ask for, like some kind of super-intelligent labrador - and what are we doing? Hiding in a closet, hoping it won't find us!

Why are we like this?

Well, it's not because we're idiots. Mostly. We just have brains and egos that like to keep us safe, by sticking to what we already know.

You can think of your mind/ego as your 6-year-old self in charge of a jumbo jet. A lot of it is automated, so you usually get on fine.

But any hint of a crisis, like a weird-looking cloud, or a blinking engine light, and your 6-year-old panics and starts hitting all the buttons - anything to get you back to flying straight and quiet like you normally do.

This makes a change in flight plan rather difficult. For example, your 6-year-old is not really open to a sudden trip to Bali on a whim.

That's why, even though YOU may want to make a change, and even though it may be something that'll bring you great happiness, your mind/ego resists like mad. Annoying.

So how do you bypass this? How do you make change happen when you know it's for your highest good?

Two things need to be in place:

  1. A desire for something different that is stronger than the need to stay the same. You can call this your 'why'.

  2. The willingness to change your mind, and be compassionate with yourself while you do that.

Now - I would argue that there is a secret 3rd ingredient that makes the whole process a shitload quicker and easier. And that secret ingredient is... (drumroll)... SUPPORT.

Yes - you are awesome and you CAN do it by yourself. BUT - why struggle? Why make it harder on yourself than it needs to be?

If you gave yourself 6 weeks to make some changes - wouldn't it be SO much easier with someone showing you the way and cheering you on?

If you had a map reader - someone who knows the territory well - wouldn't that help? Someone who knew just what to say to keep you from giving up when the terrain is rough - you'd be much more likely to get where you're going, wouldn't you?

Just 6 weeks to transform anxiety and self-doubt into calm, breezy, joyful confidence - seems like a pipe dream, right? But I've watched it happen again, and again and again.

6 Week Breakthrough is a programme I've put together over my 15 years in practice. It's perfectly designed to soothe the 6-year-old mind's resistance, so that you can have what you really want.

Each session is a unique, therapeutic blend of guided discussion, consent-based hypnosis and deep energy healing work. This is Hypnotic Healing, and it makes for rapid, positive change that LASTS.

Weeks 1-2

We talk it out - this is your license to bitch and moan and get 'REAL'. We'll identify your fears, resistances, and blocks and start demolishing historical patterns, preparing the ground for your happiness and success.

Weeks 2-3

We go deeper with energy work, practical strategies, and mindset-shifting hypnotherapy to shift how you think, feel and behave. You'll start to see positive changes happening - if you haven't already!

Weeks 5-6

You start to embody your new, desired reality - this happens automatically. You understand some of the deeper reasons behind your pain - and together we redirect your mind and energy onto your preferred path. Breakthrough!

It sounds simple, because it IS. Change doesn't have to take years - over 90% of clients report breakthroughs in just 6 weeks. And it doesn't end there.

Oh, I could talk about this for days, but let me leave you with this for now - where do you see yourself in 6 weeks? Same old same old? Or something BETTER? (Cue plinky plonky dream sequence music!)

Big love,

Sophie x

P.S. Want to hear more? Let's talk it through - no pressure, if I'm right for you, you'll know. Book a free 30-minute discovery session, and find out how gorgeously different life could be in just 6 weeks.


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