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wheat field - text reads "your affirmations don't work, let's fix that"

Now - why is it that your affirmations don't work? I'm going to take a guess - it's because they're BORING!!

Try saying this out loud: "I am wealthy and successful" - what comes up for you when you say that?

If your mind says "yeah right" or "no you're not" or "what a load of b**locks", then your affirmations are not working and we need to fix that ASAP!

What's the point of affirmations?

Affirmations are reverse hypnosis - mantras designed to counteract all the negative messages your brain has heard over the years - which is A LOT.

Like, more than you realise.

Think about every time you said, thought or heard:

  • I can't_____

  • Because I'm not _______ enough

  • I'm too ______

  • Oh, you idiot/dummy/fatty/whatever

(Fill in the blanks with all the shitty, repeated messages your brain has heard - from you and from others.)

Positive affirmations literally re-write the brain to make you feel better about yourself.

BUT - only if they're GOOD.

Powerful, effective affirmations light you up! They make you smile or even make you laugh your arse off - they're supposed to feel INSPIRING!

But too often they're MEH. Either too sugary and vague, or a spiritual word-jumble that means nothing to you.

Affirmations need to be:

  • Present tense (I am, I have, I feel)

  • Believable - (I'm getting richer by the day vs I'm a billionaire)

  • Charged with positive emotion (love, amazing, thriving, gorgeous)

  • Personal - sounds like you wrote it, not some rando guru you've never met

Check this out - which one of these speaks to you?
  1. I am a beautiful goddess of light

  2. I'm a f**king sparkly unicorn and I shine my light into this world!

There's no right answer here! For me, it's definitely number 2 - but whatever speaks to you is the right one - for you!

And - pro tip: write out your favourites - make one your phone wallpaper, so you get constant reminders of how fabulous you are. This is a fantastic way to re-wire your brain!

Think how often you pick up your phone - that's how often you'll get your gorgeous, inspiring reminder.

Now - because I am a very silly person, and a total potty mouth, I have spent rather longer than I should, creating 21 animated affirmations that TOTALLY LIGHT ME UP. And I am sharing them with you!

Most of these are extremely rude, very funny, and very inspiring!! No longer will you be able to say that your affirmations don't work for you!

And now (DRUMROLL PLEASE), I present to you a frankly f**king gorgeous example from my gloriously rude new creation:

21 Sw£@ry Affirmations

A gif of a dog digging in the sand, its head nearly buried and its bum in the air. The caption reads: babe, get your head out of your butthole. you've got this.

  • Yes, they're animated - I KNOW - IT'S AMAZING

  • Yes, they're f**king rude


If you want 21 sassy, spicy positive phone wallpapers like this, then CLICK HERE

They'll be sent to your inbox straight away, and you'll get 21 awesome, irreverent gifs for your phone, desktop or tablet!

If you save them as your phone wallpaper - every time you pick it up, you'll be so inspired it'll be like you're sh**ting rainbows 🦄🌈

And yes please, do share these on social media and tag me @moresophieshaw - I need the laugh!

That's all for today!

Big, sweary love,

Sophie x


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