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a happy woman arms outstretched walking through a forest with trees either side of a wide path

I keep a slightly jungle-like assortment of lush, green plants at my home practice - they're calming and help purify the air.

BUT - full disclosure - only the downstairs plants are healthy.

The upstairs plants sometimes get neglected because carrying a watering can up the stairs is just slightly more effort. (I know it's a ludicrous excuse!)

A while back I noticed my upstairs plants were almost white instead of green. They'd nearly died and were flopped over virtually flat.


So, being in a hurry, I quickly flung some water into the pots and promised to tend to them properly when I had time.

And an amazing thing happened - the next time I looked at them, they were all bright, shining green. Their leaves were standing straight up and gracefully arching over, like a ballerina's arms.

It was like a little miracle. They hadn't just perked up a bit, they were almost at full glory.

What I took from this (aside from the fact that I am obviously a green-fingered goddess), is:

  • things are never as bad as they seem.

  • even the tiniest positive action can have massive beneficial results - doing something more than nothing.

When you're in overwhelm, the journey back to full strength can seem monumental and therefore unmanageable. You end up doing nothing, because it seems too great a climb.

BUT - what I know for SURE, is that when you take one tiny step in the direction of all you want, the Universe joins you with one giant LEAP.

When you help yourself, you find that events magically conspire to help you on your way. One thing leads to another and, before you know it, you're right back on your intended path.

What I also know for sure, is that you're never back at square one. It's not possible for you to un-know what you now know.

We don't get less wise.

Those dead-looking plants have years of wisdom stored in their roots - years of growth and adaptation, lessons learned and strength built.

They can survive a drought - and so can you. 

Now go and get a drink of water.

Big love,

Sophie x

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