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You do NOT have to be fully healed to help others!

I know you feel a bit of a fraud sometimes - how can you help others when your life is messy and you feel inadequate yourself?

Maybe you've even had a few healing or coaching clients, but you felt overwhelmed or drained afterwards - and then life got messy again, and you didn't have the headspace to dedicate to growing a business, so you quit.

So now you're waiting until life has calmed down, and then you can dedicate yourself to getting your healing/coaching business going, right?

My love, that magical time is never going to arrive! Life IS messy! This is the glorious chaos - and rather than sink under it, I want to help you surf the waves.

I want to help you recognise the incredible value of your messy, authentic self as a helper and healer. People need your work!

Over 6 weeks together we will:

  • Lighten your burden, freeing you up to access your healing energies once again.

  • Uncover the deeper WHY you feel you've got nothing to offer right now.

  • Help you stow away/reframe/get rid of some of the more overwhelming life stuff.

All those parts of yourself that you've been hiding, for fear that you'd be 'found out'? You'll be able to accept them fully - even embrace them as old friends.

THEN you can get on with growing your business, without feeling overwhelmed by your life, or embarrassed that you're not 'fully healed' - whatever that might be! THAT is the biggest myth about being a healer!

You'll feel comfortable to accept yourself fully, good bits and 'bad' bits, and even be able to use the bad bits, your humanity, to help people who need your work.

  • 6 x 90-min sessions of Hypnotic Healing - a powerful blend of consent-based hypnotherapy, deep Reiki energy work and practical coaching - (including a lot of loving 'real talk' - emphasis on the love )

  • Feedback and session recordings, if required.

  • Interim support between sessions via email/messenger app.

Your investment is £799, and a payment plan is available.

I am ready to make you laugh again - whaddya say? Let's jump on a call and see if this is right for you. Book your free 30-min chat at

6 Week Breakthrough is a programme I've put together over my 15 years in practice. It's perfectly designed to soothe all your resistance, and heal your blocks, so that you can start helping others the way you always wanted to.

It sounds simple, because it IS. Someone, somewhere needs exactly what you have to offer. Let's make sure they can find you, ok?

Big love,

Sophie x

P.S. If you're not at the launch stage yet, ask me how I can help you start your healing business from SCRATCH, including everything above, and all your practitioner training - and much, much more! 😮

Book a free chat at: and I'll tell you all about it.


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