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One of my wonderful clients was having what I call a 'bad weather' day recently. You know the kind - those days when you lose sight of the dream - and the hope that accompanied it.

These are the days when most things suck, inspiration leaves you, everything feels like an effort, and you just want to give up and go to bed.

I get those - I bet you do, too. That's ok.

The reason I call them bad weather days is to remind myself that they are temporary and passing.

I mean, intellectually, I know they don't last - but when you're in the slump and the funk has landed, it can feel like it will never lift.

When you're in the slump, the last thing you feel like doing is... well... anything. Even if it's good for you. Even if it will lift your mood when you do it.

I get that. And again, that's ok.

No really, I mean it! Sometimes you just have to say 'Fuck it, it's raining, I'm staying in.' Surrender.

Surrender - but don't give up.

Because you're not going to stay there forever. You're not going to go inside, set up camp and resolve never to leave your house again. It's not either/or. It's not sink or swim. It's not life or death.

You can have a day off, you know. Give in to your feelings, sulk, sleep, and get nothing done. In fact, if necessary, I actually encourage it.

For a bit.

And then my love, you'll need to move again. There's a balancing act between self-care and self-indulgence. Between resting under a blanket and hiding under the duvet. Do you know what I mean?

If you're not used to letting yourself off the hook, this balance is going to be trickier for you.

You'll either:

  • push yourself to keep going, be intolerant of your bad mood, and tell yourself to get it together (this is an awesome way to burn out completely)

  • or finally give in because you have to, collapse into total inactivity (or illness/injury), and then find it 50 times harder to get going again

In fact, this is the real choice - rest now for a bit, or drop later - for a lot longer.

Most importantly, remember that whether you're resting or moving, you're still on your path. Keeping your head in the game doesn't mean that you're always on the pitch.

Sometimes you're training, sometimes you're getting a massage, sometimes you're benched while you heal, and sometimes you're tearing hell for leather towards the goal.

There is a natural ebb and flow to all things. It's all part of the game - and you're still playing.

So, do surrender - but don't give up!

As the end of the year draws closer, if you're feeling a horrible temptation to walk away and say 'fu*k it, I'll do better next year', let me PLEASE persuade you otherwise.

Take a nap. Eat a meal. Go get in the shower. Tomorrow is another day.

Rest today, but please don't quit on the rest of this year, or the rest of your dream. It's bad weather, it will pass.

And wouldn't it be absolutely f*king GREAT to end this year on a high? Because that's still possible! There is still a lot of 2023 left - it ain't over yet!

Let's have a chat, so I can show you what's possible for you!

Let yourself keep that dream alive. Surround yourself with people who also believe in it - who are keeping their dreams alive too. Be open to inspiration. Surrender.

Big love,

Sophie x

P.S. There is still enough time to dramatically change how you feel before this year is out. If you're just about ready to quit, I'm ready with the bucket, magic sponge and tough love. Don't give up - I won't let you throw in the towel just yet.

Book a free 30-min introductory session with me HERE and let's make a plan to get you sorted!


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