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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

hands exchanging a gift

I have a CORNUCOPIA of freebies to give you today - why? BECAUSE YA GORGEOUS.

I've had a major digital declutter recently (I highly recommend it, it's like doing a big data poo - it feels so good! T.M.I.?).

One thing that's had a HUUUGE spiring clean is my YouTube channel. I've neglected this poor baby for so long because - full and frank confession - I was avoiding dealing with it.

If you've been on there, you'll have noticed a skinny, fresh-faced, blonde bint with a very breathy voice in all the videos.

Baby Me. Awww.

I was avoiding dealing with it, because She is no longer Me, and it's hard to let some shit go. She had fabulous hair and cheekbones - but she was not a happy bun.

Not happy like Me, anyway.

And far from condemning her, or being ashamed of her - or worse - being jealous of her (what's the point?), I can love her, thank her for the growth and learning, and let her go.

And it feels SO loving to the Me that is NOW. Older, wiser, plumper, yes - and much, much happier.

Any of this ringing any bells for you? Skinny clothes you'll never wear still hanging in your closet? Profile picture from 5 years ago?

Love the You that is NOW by letting all that old shit go - trust me, it feels bloody great.


Free Thing #1:

I am re-populating my YouTube channel with some seriously awesome new videos. This one is the first in a new series I'm calling Vibe Videos™ (I love that name, don't you??)

It's 30 minutes of powerful subliminal affirmations, soothing music, and hypnotic video to program yourself with UNSHAKEABLE SELF-BELIEF.

Listen every night while you sleep, or have it on while you're working. Your subconscious mind will take on all the positive messages, even if you seem not to be able to hear them.

Listen with headphones for the most powerful effect! DO NOT LISTEN/WATCH WHILE DRIVING (I mean, durrr).

And please - let me know what you think!!

Free Thing #2:

I'm going live on my Facebook page every morning for the next couple of weeks, to take you through my personal gratitude practice.

It takes literally a few minutes - but it makes SUCH a difference to your experience of the world.

Join me at 8:30am for roughly 5 mins and I'll walk you through it - or catch me on the #replay and play along when you can!

Free Thing #3

Here's one from last year, when I was still pink of hair - I'm lucky I've got any left, you know!!

A shortish, POWERFUL meditation to boost your energy, for when you're feeling tired and depleted.

If you're knackered, but you've only got 10 minutes - this is the one for you.

Get stuck in!!

There you go!! You're welcome.

And for accountability, I'll be making a new video every week, so make sure you LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE (ooo, get me, I sound like a pro YouTuber), so that you never miss a video!

Big love,

Sophie x

P.S. you'd be doing me a huge favour if you shared my YouTube channel with your friends and fam! And if you have suggestions or requests for meditations you'd like me to make - or something you'd love affirmations for, then email me and let me know!


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