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Updated: Jul 2

a pine branch, wet with rain

I picked my son up from his prom last night, (he looked so handsome and happy, I'm a proud mum) - and even though it was after 11pm when we got home, it was still warm. There was still light on the horizon, and a pink glow that stretched for miles.

Deep sigh. So beautiful.

It's one of the reasons I love living in Norfolk - it's very flat, so you get huge skies and beautiful sunsets like this one.

In that moment, I thought: 'This is so wonderful. It feels so expansive, so uplifting, so light. I wouldn't mind if it was summer all year round.'

And at that same moment, I realised - nope, I wouldn't actually want that.

The biggest reason I love living here is all the green. I adore the lush, overgrown wildness of it - the coolness of the forests, the jungly wildflowers, the little winding paths, the ancient oaks, the great open fields, the wind washing over the crop heads, turning them into a silvery wave.

It's all an endless source of deepest joy for me - Nature's free anti-depressants. 

And all of it requires - guess what? Rain. And seasons.

That amount of richness, fertility and growth doesn't just come from endless sunshine and open skies. It also requires a lot of weather - the kind I'm not really a fan of. Rain and wind, coolness, and grey clouds.

It requires a cycle of seasons - time for growth, time for stillness, time for retreat - and time for death - which then leads to regrowth and rebirth.

The same is true for you. 

Your life is meant to be beautiful - but it is also meant to be seasonal. You are meant to experience joy and pain. To laugh and cry.

Your tears water the fertile ground of your joy, which is growing within you, like a burgeoning seedling, ready to burst out of the soil and show its face to the sun once again.

If the clouds are with you right now, know that they are your teachers, your friends, your tender gardeners. Sunshine is coming.

Love you,

Sophie x

P.S. Navigating the seasons of your mental health can be tricky. I'm here to help you tend your garden, whatever the weather. (In a metaphorical sense, of course. I am hopeless at actual gardening 😁)

Book a free 30-min chat at: and we'll come up with a plan for your happiness together - sound good?


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