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A woman sits cross-legged in a field of grass with a pen in her hand, about to write in her journal

I'm going to keep it dead simple today, and give you something EASY to do, that will make an immediate, powerful difference to your life.

This is one simple exercise to change your limiting beliefs given to me by Conscious Leadership Mentor, Nik Chung (check her out, she's amazing). 

Its purpose is to change unhelpful or limiting beliefs - and it is so ridiculously simple, that it works for EVERYTHING.

In case you didn't realise - whatever you believe to be true is what shapes your reality.

I used to really struggle with this - I thought I couldn't change what was fundamentally 'true', and that it wasn't my fault if I felt bad about things that were 'real'.

It wasn't until I realised that I could choose to change my own beliefs, that I started to see 'reality' change around me.

It's a tough one for many of us. We first have to decide to be ok with being 'wrong'. That takes more courage and self-compassion than you might think.

However - if you can be brave enough to change your mind, you will see your experience of life change too. Just try it.


Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Choose a subject where you feel stuck, or want to make progress.

On one side of the page - write down what you believe about that subject.

For example, on the topic of relationships, you might write:

  • I'm not the kind of person who can have a happy relationship.

  • People always take advantage of me.

  • Relationships are difficult and painful.

Now - on the other side of the page, write down the opposite belief - the belief you would like to have. The belief that - if you thought this way - would bring you the relationship you wanted.

For example:

  • I'm someone who naturally has happy relationships.

  • I have great boundaries, and a beautiful balance of give and take in all my relationships.

  • Relationships are nurturing places to learn and grow together with someone you love, who loves you.

Now - you can cross out, tear up or burn those old beliefs and - here's the simple part - CHOOSE to adopt those new ones.

I know it seems stupidly simple, and there must be more to it. But honestly? Not really!

In all the years I've been in practice, the clients who make the most rapid progress are always the ones who are willing to change their minds. The flexible thinkers and the open-minded.

The ones who struggle are those who argue for their limitations. And you know what they say - if you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them.

You may need to repeat this exercise many times for some of those more stubborn beliefs that have been around for a while. That's ok - be kind to yourself - but keep going.

And ask for the help you need - let me know how you go!

Big love,

Sophie x

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