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smiling woman in a wheat field, arms outstretched and face turned to the sun

You're far more than ok, you know - you're bloody glorious.

Don't believe me? Let's argue about it 💪

  • Every day, you get out of bed and try again - you are resilient beyond words.

  • You have made it through every single one of your bad days - you have a 100% strike rate! You are consistent, strong and resourceful.

  • You are always trying your best. You are kind, ethical and good.

  • You are always healing. You are magical.

  • You give love - not necessarily in grand gestures, but in small, daily acts of tender affection. You are loving and loved.

  • You pass on your wisdom, and other people grow from it. You are wise, generous and a comfort to this world.

Thank god for you!

This is the wonderful thing I know about you, that you may not know about yourself yet. (And if you do - go tell the world!!)

When I first meet you, my client, you're usually full of woes. Belief and optimism have left you - you're completely stuck and ready to give up.

That little light inside you is barely flickering.

But I see something else. I've been gifted with the ability to see you as already healed and whole again, your little light positively beaming. It's pretty great.

While we work together, during sessions and in between sessions, I hold that vision of you. And I keep holding it, until it matches your reality.

It doesn't take too long!

And even then, I'll keep cheering you on, as you go and reach for the things you didn't think you could do.

Like falling back in love with your partner, after years of painful conflict.

Like finally getting into meetings with serious change-makers and influencers, who want to hear all about YOU.

Like stepping into your TRUE self-worth for the first time maybe EVER.

Like feeling "the happiest you've ever been."

And, for the record, this isn't about self-improvement. In my sessions, we focus on self-acceptance - in the deepest, truest sense.

I know there are things that you've been hanging on to that make you feel shame, guilt and fear.

And I promise you, they're ok.

Once those things are shared, in a space of safety and non-judgement, you'll discover that they're SO normal. You're ''normal", in your own weird, wonderful and unique way.

That includes your sorrow, your meanness, your awful, beautiful body, your negativity - all of it.

Every single part of you is valued and utterly loveable.

AND - it is changing and changeable too.

I promise you that, despite what you might think, you're ok, you know.

TRUE self-acceptance means loving yourself exactly as you are today, without having to change one cell of your being.

AND, at the same time, wanting more for yourself. More peace of mind, more fun, more success, more joy, more love.

When self-improvement is motivated by a deep appreciation of who you are and all you can have, then that journey feels like endless discovery and expansion.

Not bad, eh?

See? Told ya - you're glorious.

Big love,

Sophie x

P.S. If you're just about ready to quit, I'm ready with the bucket, magic sponge and tough love. I won't let you throw in the towel just yet.

Book a free 30-min session with me HERE and let's make a plan to get you sorted!


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